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Step boldly into your next chapter! 

If not now, when?

Deborah Randolph Price

Coaching, Training and Speaking

Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!

Is This You?

Are you:

  • Anxious, stuck, or uncertain about your unknown next chapter?

  • Asking yourself questions like:

    • If I no longer have a job title, who am I? 

    • What is my new role, especially now that I’m an empty nester?

    • How do I become a better "me" in midlife?


Are You Ready?

If you are ready to change your mindset from self-doubt to self-confidence, then you are ready to step boldly into your next chapter.  I am ready to support you on your self-discovery journey.

"There is still time to get to know who you are, beyond the fears.”
Deborah Randolph Price

Connect With Me

Deborah Randolph Price, Founder of D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!

I am Deborah Randolph Price, Founder of D.A.R.E. to ReImagine You! Consulting.  As a professionally trained lifestyle coach and trainer, I believe that life after 50 is limitless.

Throughout my 30-year career in the public and private sectors, I mentored, coached, and inspired executives, managers, students, friends, and clients to reach their personal and professional goals.  This experience has equipped me to help you visualize your next chapter.

Transitioning to a new life stage or navigating retirement can be challenging.  I have been through it and learned that this is really an amazing time to reconnect with yourself and create your best life yet.  I would like to share this process with you.


​Are you ready to visualize and plan for what lies ahead?  

If not now, when?

Connect with me!  I am ready to support and guide you on your journey to ReImagine You.

“Your heart knows where you are going.”

"The only person you are designed to become is the person you decide to BE."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Connect With Me

This is My Why

Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!

It is my passion to inspire women to live the rest of their lives without limits; and to reignite their vision, passion, and purpose.  


Because this time is Your time! 

It’s Your time to make YOU a priority in this commonly called the second chapter.

It’s Your time to take time to do what makes your soul happy.

It’s Your time to let your passions pull you towards your dream life.

Moving into the unknown can be frightening or disorienting.

It can also be exciting!  Let’s partner on your self-discovery adventure.  


Let’s take a deep breath together and embrace your next chapter with courage and clarity.  If not now, when?


“D.A.R.E. to be powerful.”

"It takes  courage to start anew, but if you don’t, you may miss out on being you.”

My Approach

Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!
Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!
Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!
My Approach

Exploration, Self- Discovery and Transformation


Together, we will work through a four-step transformational D.A.R.E. process to:

  • Rediscover your dreams

  • Reawaken your passions

  • Reimagine and Reconnect with your Inner self

  • Reclaim your fierceness and joy


In other words, you will ReImagine You!

What You Can Expect


My coaching approach is collaborative and tailored to your unique needs. I believe the answers you seek are within you. So, I partner with you as you do the inner work to meet your goals.


You are ready to rethink, reframe, and realize your next chapter with clarity.


“D.A.R.E. to imagine what lies ahead.”

Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!

D = DREAM possibilities

A = AWAKEN your passions

R = REIMAGINE and reconnect with your inner self

E = EMBRACE new opportunities with joy

The Transformation D.A.R.E. Process



Are you ready to map out your journey? I’m ready to support you with coaching choices designed to meet your individual goals.  

My signature program entitled ReImagine YOU! is a private coaching program with 30-60-90-day options depending upon your needs. Should you want to go deeper, there is Building on a Mindset, a follow-on program to ReImagine YOU!.  

If you prefer working in community, Step Boldly into Your Next Chapter is a group coaching (corporate and non-profit) program.  We’ll start with a conversation about how the program will benefit you.


You Can Expect

We will have weekly recorded coaching calls, so you can review the learnings from our sessions.  Together we will develop a personalized action plan.   You will also have access to me between sessions for continued support.

Let's connect and make a roadmap for the journey to your next chapter. The financial commitment depends upon your customized program option and generally starts at $299.  

Book a discovery call now to see if these programs are a fit for you.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis
Deborah Randolph Price, Founder, D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU!

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you

DARE to be."

Book A Call


“You think you know yourself. But open your mind to a Trusted Soul [Coach Deborah] to help you find out MORE!” 

-Anita, Public Relations Consultant 


“Who knew what more there was…what the potential was.  Without this program I would not be looking forward to highs and what the highs will be. The KNOWING it’s all about me.”  

-Gloria, Retired Claims, AVP 

"ReImagine YOU focuses on assisting in creating new chapters in one's life. With professional experience, background and caring for each individual, Deborah Randolph-Price offers you the insight, confidence and belief to grow and reach new opportunities to live your life to the fullest. I have been privileged to know her personally and professionally for 10 years. I highly recommend her and the wonderful work she is doing. It is her gift!"

-Lisa, CEO, Go Career Compass

"Deborah asks the tough questions to motivate, provoke thoughts and help others see their potential. She is a Black woman of excellence."

-Martha, Benchmark Capital Careers, CEO

"ReImagine YOU! program is a good way to point you in the right direction of what you want to do. It gives you clarity so that you can articulate what you want with confidence."

-Jessica, Aspiring Chef & Stylist

"You helped me get organized because I was floundering."

-Janice, Retired Special Education Teacher

"Deborah's supportive nature and specific tools assisted me greatly opening up new ideas and action plans to expand my art business. As a result, I was invited on a trip to Egypt to show my work!  Thank you Queen!"

-Janis, Model & Photographer

Adinkra symbol used by Deborah Randolph Price, Founder of D.A.R.E. to ReImagine YOU! Program

Now is the time for YOUR transformation

Dream  Awaken  ReImagine  Embrace

(Adinkra symbol meaning life transformation)


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